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Terms of use

Terms of use of site services

You agree to use the messaging site to the world only for lawful purposes, and you will refrain from sending or transmitting any material through this site that would infringe or infringe the rights of others or limit or prevent their use of this site, or involve an unlawful matter; or to threaten, abuse, slander, infringe on the privacy of others, or the copyrights of others, or obscene words, or offend Islam or sanctities, or violate their sanctity, or for any other reason unacceptable, or that would encourage Committing a crime or involving a violation that entails civil liability or in violation of any law.

* You must use a style that suits you while talking to one of our employees. .

There is a list of names that cannot be used as a sender's name, and the system will save it by converting it to a name that suits the message automatically if it is used as a sender's name. Anyone who impersonates any individual or company will be warned and punished without complacency. The penalty may reach the closure of the account and the non-refund of any amount paid.

The site is not responsible for messages being delayed or lost in the following cases:
1. Writing mobile numbers incorrectly
2. Unavailability of the text messaging service, the language used, or incompatibility in the receiving mobile
3. Unavailability of mobile network coverage in the receiver’s mobile or outside the coverage area

Any amounts paid for requesting credit cannot be refunded.

The customer does not have the right to demand a permanent refund of the sender's name registration fee, whether his account is (active or canceled).

The site has the right, without giving reasons, to refuse the registration request of any person. The site also has the right to close any person's account.

In the event of non-compliance and agreement to any of the above conditions, the site has the right to close the user's account without returning the paid balance, if any, and without prior notice.

Each account has the right to use one sender's name for every 100,000 messages added to its account.

All messages are monitored, so you must remember this before using the site

The default balance validity is 12 months from the date of the last credit recharge or according to the prior agreement, and we have no right to change the period without referring to the account holder.

Privacy policy

Messages for the world respects the privacy of your information, and will never sell or leak your personal information to any other party without your prior permission or for purely legal purposes.

The user is entirely responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of his passwords and data. The user should be careful about the information he discloses, if the user discloses any information about himself (eg on message boards, or via e-mail), other users may see and use it.

The site's employees may randomly review the content of users' messages to ensure that they do not violate the terms of use.

The site records the user's IP number every time he logs on to the site, and this helps the site's management to improve the site's services.

In the event of any changes to the policy followed by the site regarding the privacy of information, such changes will be posted on the site for users to see.

distributor system
* It has been allocated to add a number of users under the distributor’s account according to the conditions described above, and a membership worthy of its owner must be added, and a warning on how to respect the site’s regulations, and any violating membership will be deleted and suspended after being notified for the first time.

You are not entitled to use the Website Services if you do not agree to the entire User Agreement.
The sender's name is a mandatory requirement for everyone, so the customer has no right to use the site without asking for a sender's name allowed by the authorities in the country in which it is used.
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